How to Get More Instagram Followers

by Charlie Vinall

Posted on March 14, 2021 at 12:30 PM

How to get more instagram followers

Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with your friends, family, and acquittances. However, for businesses it is even more important… it is a way to directly tap into current and future customers, it is a window into how they feel about your brand. Above all else, it can bring in new customers, whether they come directly via Instagram or indirectly via other channels which are improved because of your presence on Instagram.

The big question is how do you increase your followers? As this is the key metric which influences how successful your Instagram profile is, the more followers the more influence and sales you will get as a business.

We are going to cover two main areas which you should be focussing on to increase your followers fast, we are only going to look into non-paid strategies however it’s worth noting that by paying to boost posts and paying for ad space you can increase your followers, if you have the budget, we suggest using a mix of the strategies below as well as using boosted posts and ad space.

Content Led Strategy

Instagram is all about content, so it only makes sense to focus on providing it. You need to figure out exactly what your target customers are interested in, try to appeal to their emotions, and build content which is also engaging. The other main focus should be to make sure that this content forces an interactive response, you want people to share, comment, and like your posts.

A great trick for interaction is to interweave forced interaction, such as quizzes, competitions (e.g. like this post and share with two friends to win X), chartable giveaways based on interaction (vote for the charity of your choice in the comments etc.), and anything else that will push your audience to interact with your posts. Mixed with great relatable and emotional content will ensure you continue to grow.

Once you have over 2000 followers you can then move onto the next part of the strategy which involves reaching out to complimentary brands and Instagram profiles to do collab posts.

Interactive Led Strategy

While a big focus should remain on your posts and the content, you should also use external interaction to get an early foothold. What I mean by this is for your profile to interact with other profiles to get people to check out your own page/profile, the important part of this strategy is that you must already have some good quality engaging content as the idea relies on this to pick up followers once they land on your profile.

This strategy is also very time consuming so may be best to outsource if possible. You essentially want to create a list of hashtags related to the type of audience you want to follow your page and then hunt down the posts related to these hashtags then comment, like, and follow the profiles related to these… focussing on individuals rather than other brands or businesses.


Instagram is a content focussed platform which means your strategy should also be. Try to always bring value to your potential followers/customers and your follower count will grow faster and faster. Always remember the first 2000 followers is the hardest part, after you have this you should start picking up followers exponentially.

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