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Why choose Feedback Frank as your review platform?

Feedback Frank is much more than just another review site! We don't just provide the great features you have come to expect, we give you a complete view of your customers thoughts, needs, and wants. By encouraging our reviewers to be direct and frank in our unique 'Direct Feedback' feature we are able to help you improve your business and improve your customer experience.

Capture Dynamic Customer Feedback

Using intelligent routing, we deliver targeted questions to your reviewers, a customer giving you a low rating will receive a different set of feedback questions compared to a customer giving you a high rating (customised by you). This means you can discover what your customers think about any aspect of your business, products, or services.

Build Trust On Your Website

Using our trust badge widgets you can instantly build trust on your website, an independent review badge not only increases conversion by up to 31%, it has an instant positive impact on how your website is portrayed.

Get Found On Google

We have built everything with Google and other search engines in mind. We help build your virtual reputation and help you climb the Google ladder, whether your goal is to get on the front page or increase your overall visibility.

Receive Reviews With No Hassle

We offer various ways to collect reviews and feedback, from auto emails to a csv upload of customer emails, which means no matter how your business operates you can start collecting valuable feedback with Feedback Frank today.

Keep on Top of Your Brand Management

Prospective customers care about how businesses respond to positivity and criticism, that's why our platform put's your public replies front and center. We also alert you about any negative reviews, this enables you to fix any issues quickly and keep all your customers happy.

Improve Your Business

Whether your goal is to increase customer happiness, discover new customer pain points, increase conversion rate, improve your visibility on the web, or simply to complete your customer journey; we have you covered. 98% of our partners agree that Feedback Frank has improved their business.

Feedback Frank Features

Company stats dashboard

Your company dashboard is the hub where you can see your performance, update and change your settings, reply to your reviewers, and much more.

Create Your Company Dashboard

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Highly visible review page

A public review page for your potential customers to view your latest reviews, this page directly links to your website and helps boost your SEO.

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Easy to install badges

Beautiful badges for your website, easy to install straight from your dashboard which means you can increase your conversion in minutes.

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High converting review emails

We send out review emails on your behalf, we can do this via a csv file or you can add us as a BCC to your confirmation emails.

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Dynamically collected customer feedback

After a customer has left a review, we ask three questions which are different dependent on what their rating is. These questions can be customised anytime via the company dashboard. All questions and answers can be downloaded via your dashboard.

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Smart company statements

You can show your reviewer a company statement based on their review, if it is positive you can show a thank you message (or anything else you would like) and for a negative review you can show an alternative statement.

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Reply to your customers

You can address all concerns and thank your happy customers easily via the built in company reply feature.

Create Your Company Dashboard

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An example of a customer journey


Customer uses your service or buys your product

Feedback Frank automatically sends review request (or sent manually)


Customer leaves a public 1 to 5 star review

Customer is directed to correct set of anonymous feedback questions (based on review)


All feedback is downloadable and viewable by only you

Review your feedback and improve your business



Basic Account

Access to basic Feedback Frank features
  • 100 customer review requests per month
  • 10 review replies per month
  • Direct review link
  • Reply to your reviews
  • Access to dashboard
  • Notification email for 1 star reviews
  • Auto review request sender
  • CSV uploader for review sending
  • Limited access to customer feedback (up to 10)
  • Customise direct feedback questions
  • Intelligent company statements
  • Access to all Feedback Frank badge and widgets
Create Your Company Dashboard

Company Account

Full access to all Feedback Frank features
19 £ /mo
60 day no charge, no risk trial
  • Everything from Basic account
  • Unlimited customer review requests per month
  • Unlimited review replies
  • Full data download of all customer feedback
  • Premium email support
  • Cancel anytime
Create Your Company Dashboard

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