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CategoriesBlog MB Mr Brian Travis For businesses Review of Hillarys MB Mr Brian Travis 2 reviews 21 hours ago HILLARYS BLINDS,NO THANK YOU Hillarys blinds fit curtains to my patio door after an initial consultation visit to my home, I chose the material and was led to believe linings suitable for deflecting car headlights ect would be fitted, however when fit, car headlights shone through the curtain fabric onto the internal walls, the material used was of poor quality and they were very poorly fit, I paid a total of £540 for what I received and I was very displeased at the quality. I contacted customer services and the fitter returned,ironed the curtains and made minor adjustments but things remained very unsatisfactory and the issues were not resolved. I again contacted Hillarys and requested another visit due to my issues and I was told a general manager would attend my home for a second opinion, several days later another blinds/curtain rep came to m

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